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Colorful fun S925 silver needles simple children's cute earrings day girl fresh three pairs of wild ear

Colorful fun S925 silver needles simple children's cute earrings day girl fresh three pairs of wild ear

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Style: Cartoon
Material: Resin
brand: Ai I
production code: SX00556
Sales serial number: SX00556
type: Earrings
Style: Woman
Model: Cartoon
Package: individual package
Occasions for gifts: Wedding, travel commemoration, employee benefits
Custom processing: Yes
Item No .: SX00556
Origin: Jinhua
Mosaic material: Pearl
Main downstream platform: Ebay, Amazon, Wish, AliExpress, Separate Station, Lazada
colour: 1 S925 silver needle butt, 2 S925 silver needle rabbit radish, 3 s925 silver needle watermelon cloud, 4 s925 silver needle small fart, 5 s925 silver needle peach flower cat eyes, 6 s925 silver needle watermelon watermelon, 7 s925 silver needle radish Cabbage, 8 S925 silver needle kiwi, 9 S925 silver needle blue ginkgo, 10 s925 silver needle round green watermelon, 11 s925 silver needle triangle watermelon, 12 S925 silver needle dumplings, 13 s925 silver needle cloud watermelon, 14 S925 silver needle carrot Rabbit, 15 S925 silver needle bag, 16 s925 silver needle love triangle watermelon, 17 s925 silver needle half-piece watermelon, 18 s925 silver needle black heart ass, 19 s925 silver needle watermelon saffron, 20 s925 silver needle two kiwi, 21 S925 silver needle blue jellyfish, 22 S925 silver needle two half triangle watermelon, 23 s925 silver needle powder, 24 S925 silver needle dumplings, 25 S925 silver needles, 26 S925 silver needles, 27 S925 silver needles, 28 S925 silver needles, 29 S925 silver needle, 30 S925 silver needle, 31 S925 silver needle, 32 S925 silver needle, 33 S925 silver needle, 34 S925 silver needle, 35 S925 silver needle, 36 S925 silver needle, 37 S925 silver needle, 38 S925 silver needle, 39 S925 silver needle, 40 S925 silver needle, 41 S925 silver needle
Main sales areas: Africa, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, Northeast Asia, Middle East
Have authorified own brands: Yes
Whether cross-border export is available for supply: Yes
popular elements: Pattern, letters, flowers, geometry
Listed Year / Season: Spring 2021

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