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Adjustable Reflective Traction Leash Set

Adjustable Reflective Traction Leash Set

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The flexible leash set outfit is ideal for service dogs, strolling, pulling, game and vehicle limitation. Getting the handle and intelligent trim is simple. The vest has the Velcro strip sewn into the outfit so adding the intelligent patches to the harness is simple. Tough and quick drying material. Breathable, delicate lattice inside cushioning for canine's solace. Movable chest and stomach lashes with a fast delivery clasp for a uniquely fit.


Four-Point Adjustment

It fits the dog's body shape, and the force is uniform, and the wrapping is more comfortable.

Elastic Design on Both Sides of the Chest

Elastic design, comfortable and not restrained, more comfortable to wear.

Bright and Reflective

The product is sewn with reflective strips to make it safer for dogs to walk at night.

Vest Design

The 360° surround is wide and the force is uniform, which makes the dog more comfortable.

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