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INS Japanese Fruit Cub Top Rope Macaron Color Color Haircut Rainbow Cartoon Hair Rope Summer Wholesale

INS Japanese Fruit Cub Top Rope Macaron Color Color Haircut Rainbow Cartoon Hair Rope Summer Wholesale

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Material: Acrylic
style: Cartoon
Item No .: A072L
brand: Leagin
Style: Woman
Model: fruit
Processing process: manual
Crystal species: Purple crystal
Occasions for gifts: Travel commemoration
Package: Bulk
Custom processing: Yes
Sales serial number: A072L
production code: A072L
Origin: Jinhua
Main downstream platform: Ebay, Amazon, Wish, AliExpress, Separate Station, Lazada
colour: A072L-1 lemon yellow, A072L-2 vital orange, A072L-3 autumn leaves, A072L-4 powder, A072L-5 playful purple, A080-1 red, A080-2 purple, A080-3 orange, A080-4 coffee Color, A080-5 green, A080-6 blue, A080-7 light gray, A080-8 dark gray, A086L-1 yellow, A086L-3 blue, A086L-4 orange, A086L-5 Pink , A089L-1 blue flower, A089L-2 red flower, A089L-3 Pink flower, A089L-4 yellow flower, A089L-5 black flower, A090L-1 pink, A090L-3, A090L-3 blue, A090L- 4 Yellow, A090L-5 coffee, A090L-6 black, A093L-1 Pink Bear, A093L-2 Blue Bear, A093L-3 Orange Bear, A093L-4 Green Bear, A094L-1 Pink, A094L-2 Blue, A094L-3 bean sand, A094L-4 cof color, A094L-5 black, A100L-1 gray, A100L-2 pink, A100L-4 black, A100L-5 blue, A101L-1 gray bear, A101L -2 Green Bear, A101L-3 Purple Bear, A101L-4 Yellow Bear, A101L-5 Pink Bear, A001L-1 Larisure Powder Line, A001L-2 Small Daisy Blue Line, A001L-3 Small Daisy Frustral Fruit Line, A001L-4 Small daisy yellow line, A001L-5 small daisy-green line, A019L-1 bears, A019L-2 frog, A019L-3 rabbit, A019L-4 Dinosaur, A019L-5 Crocodile, A019L-6 Mickey, A019L-7 Pikachi full body, A019L -8 smile, A019L-9 Pikachi half body
Main sales areas: Africa, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, Northeast Asia, Middle East
Whether cross-border export is available for supply: Yes
popular elements: Cartoon, Crown, Retro, Flowers, Flowers, Bows, Makaron, Stars, Guo
Listed Year / Season: 2021 summer

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